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PB-638 無線呼叫按鈕

庫存單位: PB-638
  • After paired with the Multi-Alert, the wireless call button can transmit a wireless signal to receiver when the button was pressed.


    • SUB-1G RF frequency with wireless transmission range up to 300m / 1,000ft (direct line of sight)
    • It can be wall mounted or table stand
    • LED Lite-on to indicate at transmission
    • Long battery life
  • 無線電頻率: 868MHz 或 915MHz (取決於地區)

    傳輸距離: 300m / 1,000ft (直線距離)

    產品尺寸: 60(長)x 19.5(寬)x 60(高)mm

    產品重量: 55克(含電池)

    顏色: 白色

    電池: CR123A x 1(已包含)

    火牛: 不適用

    電池壽命: > 5年(每天按按鈕3次)

    工作溫度: 0℃至40℃/ 32℉至104℉

    配件: 1包安裝套件(螺釘 x 2,錨件 x 2,雙面泡沫膠紙 x 1)

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