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Main Features
1. AD/DC Type-C powered
with 1000mAh lithium battery (backup power supply maintains 72 hours of backup battery operation, but does not drive the vibrator to vibrate)
2. 2.3-inch 4-digit LED (RBG)
3. Selectable Clock display color (orange/green)
4. Night Clock display mode i) daytime-orange with evening-light blue, ii) daytime-green with evening-pink (light blue/pink from 23:00 pm to 6:59 am)
5. 2 x preset alarm clocks
6. Independent alarm clock ON/OFF control, Alarm clock ON status icon display
7. Check preset Alarm time
8. 5 alarm music + 3 pure square wave tones to choose from
9. 2 x Vibration OUT, plug in from the bottom, anti-loose design
10. RF 868/915 built-in transmitter,Alarm clock reminder can be sent to the Multi-alert receiver
11. Built-in 56mm speaker (up to 90dB alarm sound)
12. 10-minute alarm snooze mode
13. Snooze button can be used as a Call button
14. 12/24 hour display selection
15. Volume control
16. Mute switch, the status is displayed by LED icon
17. Flashing switch, the status is displayed by LED icon
18. Display brightness control
19. Night light brightness control

Desk Alarm Clock

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